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Buffaloes Try Saving Buffalo From Hunting Lions

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This is not just your typical lion hunt on a buffalo! Kruger accommodation specials here: buffaloes decide that enough is enough and stick by the motto "all for one and one for all"...39 year old, Riesdah Gabier, a sales consultant, captured this remarkable footage on 09 April in the Timbavati Reserve.Riesdah elaborates: “We had been following these two y

Baby Buffalo Shows Elephant Who's Boss

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The saying “Dynamite comes in small packages” couldn’t be more accurate than in this case.Kruger accommodation specials here: brave little buffalo decided to show one massive elephant who ruled in this neighborhood. The result… one very shocked and puzzled elephant! Captured by 29 year old Financial Advisor, Andrew Cohen, on the H1-6 about 5km from Mopa

2 Hyenas Drag Kudu to the Death

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The footage reveals just how tenacious hyenas can be when it comes to grabbing a nearby meal.Kruger accommodation specials here: Greyvenstein was traveling in the Kruger National Park when he came across this sighting.He spotted an injured kudu bull next to the road; “we don’t know how it got injured. Then suddenly, right out of the corner of our eyes

Geese Brutally Attack Hungry Baboon

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Kruger accommodation specials here: Geese attack Baboon We all know that geese are the “bouncers” of the bird world and know how to protect their territory, but watch how this hard as nails baboon doesn’t bat an eyelid when attacked by two geese as he pushed through to get the prized egg meal.Colin Pretorius (47), Sales and Marketing Manager at Ngw

3 Honey Badgers Fighting in the Road

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3 Aggressive honey badgers fight it outKruger accommodation specials here: a drive close to Lukimbi Safari Lodge in the South of Kruger, Cecil Kagan was amazed to come across a three-way honey badger brawl. It’s an extraordinary sighting as one would almost never get to see three honey badgers together at one time, let alone see them all involved in a great

Hyenas Steal Wild Dog Kill in Epic Battle - Twice!

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In what started out as an already exciting wild dog kill, while on a safari in the Okavango Delta with Wilderness Safaris (Book here: became double the electricity when the next opportunity for a meal presented itself!Watch how this pack of wild dogs trapped their prey inside a small waterhole, lost their meal to some scavenging hyenas only to pursue another dramat

Lions Hunt & Attack Impalas at Waterhole

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Amazing video of a pride of lions attacking an impala at a muddy Nsemani dam just 8km from Satara.Taken in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.Video by: Roger PedroSend in your wildlife video here, and earn money: just 8km from Satara, book there now: license the footage: Contact@LatestSightings.comTo book a sa

Baby Impala Tries Using Car To Hide From Cheetahs

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This was filmed near Lower Sabie, book here: how this baby impala’s heart just about beats out of its chest whilst trying to hide in front of a tourists car away from a hungry cheetah and her cub.“We visit the Kruger only once a year and have had very few cheetah sightings in the past, especially ones including a hunt so this was an incredibly rare moment for u

Pride of Lions Block Entrance to Tourist's Toilet

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Visit the closest lodge to this sighting:, surprise…who would have thought a person would have to double check their surroundings before jumping out to go to the toilet whilst on safari. This is exactly what happened to 43 year old, Business Developer & Sales Manager, Corlette Wessels.Corlette told “It was a relatively quiet morning and we

Huge Crocodile Dragging Kill Over the Road

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But a crocodile? That is something that just lives in the water. Not often does one get to experience a sighting of a crocodile out and about.It appears that this particular crocodile is struggling with a limp, slowing his crossing down. Not hard to imagine how difficult it would be to drag around an almost 550kg body.Crocodiles are opportunistic predators capable of taking almost any animal withi

Puff Adder Snakes Fighting in the Road

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This is the extremely rare moment of a pair of puff adders fighting in the road.Lourens Erasmus captured this scene on his most recent safari adventure.Seeing a snake while on a safari is something that most people fight about, they want to see one, but then when they do, they suddenly get really scared. Well, if one gets a fright when seeing once snake, imagine two in the middle of the road! Not


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This was seen at Kings Camp, so go on a safari there: MORE ABOUT THE SIGHTING: This is an amazing video of 2 male lions taking a stroll near a hyena den. They noticed a small hyena snoozing and decided to get rid of it by chasing it and giving it a bite of death.All of this action was captured on film by 27 year old, Field Guide Almero Klingenberg at King


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A tourist filmed the moment a wildebeest was trying to get a dying wildebeest back up by trying to fling him into the air. Bradley Ballantyne, 46, captured the sighting while driving home on Olifants Street in Martloth Park, just outside the Kruger National Park.After seeing this video, we definitely wanted to find out more, so Bradley told “On my way home from having lunch


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Read More:Most people would agree that nothing beats that Friday feeling, but for 26 year old Welding Inspector, Wikus Ceronie, it certainly turned out to be a black Friday indeed.Brace yourself as you prepare to watch this simply thrilling footage: hippo vs steel….Wikus told “This is my first time ever working in Mozambique and I was on a jolly journey back home to South

BIRD vs SNAKE - Snake Uses Clever Technique to get Away

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Watch how cleverly deceptive the snake becomes by playing dead to fool its captor…Awesome moment captured on film by 53 year old Technician, Frank De Souza on 14 November 2016 in Marloth Park.Frank told Latest Sightings: “I’ve seen many snakes over the years but never a southern vine snake. I know them to be very shy and highly venomous. There is no antidote if bitten by one of these snakes.

Nadav Ossendryver Interview on Legacy Leavers

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I had a great time being interviewed by James for his podcast.You can visit it here: you want to follow more of me and what I get up to while running Latest Sightings, add me here: Instagram: Nadav_ossendryverTwitteR: Ossendryver Click Xem Nhiều Video Hơn  Tin Hot  Và  

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