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25 BANNED Cartoons You Won't Believe Were Made

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Were you “lucky” enough to see any of these banned cartoons before they went off the air? Some of these cartoons were so offensive that is hard to imagine how they made it past the editors. Check out these 25 banned cartoons you won’t believe were made. Most cartoons are tailor made for young audiences. However, there are times when cartoon creators represent topics that are not appropriate

25 Incredibly WEIRD Ways People Have Died

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You won’t believe some of the weird ways people have died. When it’s my time to go, I don’t want to go out like this. Check out these 25 incredibly weird ways people have died. No one can escape death. But most of us want that day to be as painless as possible. Some of the weird ways people have died may not seem painless, but they are indeed bizarre? Check out some of weird ways people hav

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List25 wants to consistently conciliate your curiosity with new videos every Monday – Friday! Learn about bizarre things, science facts, creepy animals, funny trivia, and more! SUBSCRIBE - us on: List25 Facebook - Instagram: Twitter - List25 Pinterest: https://www.pint

25 DUMB Reasons People Have Called 911

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There are many dumb reasons people have called 911. On today’s list, we are going to highlight some of the best ones. These are 25 dumb reasons people have called 911. If there is an emergency, it’s OK to call 911. But what some people consider an “emergency” might not entirely be an emergency. Check out these outrageous 911 calls (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know what

25 CRAZY Hitchhiking Stories

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What’s the craziest hitchhiking story you’ve heard of? Was it a scary story? Or maybe it was a fun story with an odd twist. On today’s list, we’ve searched high and low to find some of the craziest hitchhiking stories and you won’t believe what we found. Check out these 25 craziest hitchhiking stories. Have you ever hitchhiked before? It can be an odd experience to ride in a private veh

25 CREEPY Cursed Objects That Actually Exist

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Did you know that there are creepy cursed objects that actually exist? Though some may argue whether these objects are truly cursed, no one can deny the weird events that happen around them. These are 25 creepy cursed objects that actually exist.What would you do if your favorite doll was tied to weird supernatural events? Would you say it was cursed? And if you believed it was cursed, what would

25 STUPIDEST Doctor Cures In History

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You will not believe some of the stupidest doctor cures throughout history. It’s a good thing these cures are no longer used. These are 25 stupidest doctor cures in history.There was a time when a doctor’s cure might have been worse than the problem itself. These cures were borderline human torture! How could anyone see these as remedies for anything? Check out some of the stupidest doctor cur

25 CREEPY Urban Legends You’ll Hope Aren’t True

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Have you heard the latest creepy urban legends? These stories are scarier than most horror movies out there. Can you handle the horrors found in these legends? Check out our list and find out! These are 25 creepy urban legends you’ll hope aren’t true.Are urban legends based on true events? Many claim they are. But after you read the urban legends found in today’s list, you’re going to wis

25 AMAZING Animals That Came Back From Extinction

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You’re about to see some of the most amazing animals that came back from extinction (largely due to conservation efforts). At one point, we thought these animals were gone forever. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. These are 25 amazing animals that came back from extinction. Animals are going extinct at an alarming rate. It’s good to hear that some animals actually survive extinction. If these

25 STUPID Reasons To Get Fired

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Do you want to know the most stupid reasons to get fired? It’s almost like some of these workers WANTED to lose their jobs. Then again, some jobs can have very strict rules about things…seemingly stupid things? Check out these 25 stupid reason to get fired. It happens, people make mistakes and they get fired from their jobs. Some of these mistakes are understandable such as getting into an arg

25 SHOCKING Video Game Theories That Could Actually Be True

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There are shocking video game theories that could actually be true. These theories range from cute after-stories to dark and disturbing hidden meanings. Are these video game theories true? Many believe they are. These are 25 shocking video game theories that could actually be true. There are many video game theories out there. Some of them can be outrageous and hard to believe. But then, there are

25 Most INAPPROPRIATE Secrets In Kids Shows

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Are you aware of some of the inappropriate secrets in kids shows? It’s sad, but these kids shows are not as innocent as we would like them to be. Want to know what these inappropriate secrets are? Check out these 25 most inappropriate secrets in kids shows.Most of us grew up watching kid shows. We thought they had pure and wholesome messages. For the most part, they do. But some of these kids sh

25 Most Common Dreams And Their MEANINGS

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Have you ever wondered about common dreams and their meanings? Do these dreams even have meaning or are they simply a result of something you ate? Maybe, these dreams are your mind’s way of communicating with you? We’re about to explore these questions and more on today’s list. These are 25 most common dreams and their meanings.Many people throughout history have turned to dreams for some so

25 CHILLING Ways Russia is Preparing for World War III

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It’s scary to see some of the ways Russia is preparing for World War III. Though World War III may just be a rumor, some countries believe it to be a real possibility. Russia apparently is taking necessary steps to be ready for a big fight. These are 25 chilling ways Russia is preparing for World War III.The thought of another major war is horrifying. Many people died during World War I and Worl

25 Seemingly Innocent People Who Were Secretly MONSTERS!

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History is full of seemingly innocent people who were secretly monsters. These awful people have done some of the most horrible things you can possibly imagine. Everyone needs to watch out because people like the ones found in today’s list are still out there. These are 25 seemingly innocent people who were secretly monsters.Some of the nicest people can also be some of the deadliest. As you are

25 AMAZING Facts You’ll Want To Know

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Do you want to know some really cool and amazing facts? This world is full of interesting facts, and we’ve compiled some of the most amazing ones in today’s list. These are 25 amazing facts you’ll want to know. We enjoy interesting bits of information. It doesn’t even have to be useful, it just has to be interesting. Well, we have 25 really interesting bits of information (facts) on today

25 DISTURBING Modern Torture Methods

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Torture is always disturbing, but what you are about to see are the most disturbing modern torture methods. Warning, these torture techniques might just ruin your day. These are 25 disturbing modern torture methods. Torture has sadly been part of human history. Not surprising, as technology has advanced so has methods of causing people pain. Check out these disturbing modern methods of torture (an

25 Most BRILLIANT Criminals In History

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Do you want to know which are the most brilliant criminals in history? Some of these criminals were so smart that law enforcement even admired them (somewhat). These are the 25 most brilliant criminals in history. It’s hard not to have some level of appreciation for these genius criminal minds. No wonder some of them are so famous. The schemes created by these criminals were elaborate and brill

25 Most CURSED Movies Ever Filmed

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Some of the most cursed movies ever filmed are movies you are familiar with. In fact, some of them are not even horror movies (though most of them are). These are 25 most cursed movies ever filmed. In the process of making a movie, accidents may happen. But some movies are plagued with many accidents to the point that some people believe the movies to be cursed. Are these accidents human mistakes,

25 FUN Facts About Apple (The Fruit)

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Get ready for fun facts about apple...the fruit. Apples are pretty amazing fruits as you’re about to see. These are 25 fun facts about apple (the fruit).Have you eaten your apple today? You know what they say: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. That may be an oversimplification but apples are really healthy for you. But that’s not the only thing that makes apples so interesting. Check

25 BIGGEST Hoaxes Of All Time

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We all love a good prank, except for when it happens to us. But even then, most of us would probably laugh about it. Well, there are some pranksters out there that have taken things to the next level. Whether it was to prove a political point or just to fool the world, these are the 25 Biggest Hoaxes Of All Time! Did you enjoy our video? Follow us on: Faceb

25 CRAZIEST Foods In The World You Won’t Believe Exist

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How much money would it take for you to eat some of the craziest foods in the world? Before you answer, you might want to check out today’s list because these foods are insane. These are 25 craziest foods in the world you won’t believe exist. We all have that one friend that likes to eat odd things. Though we bet, that even that friend will be shocked at some of the weird foods found on today

25 Most DANGEROUS Plants That Could Seriously Hurt You

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Did you know that there are dangerous plants that could seriously hurt you? Some of these plants are so dangerous, that they have been known to even kill people! What’s worse is that you may have one or more of these plants in your home. These are 25 most dangerous plants that could seriously hurt you.For the most part, plants are good for us. Some are used for medicine, others to clean our air,

25 FASCINATING Facts About YouTube You Should Know

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Do you want to know some interesting facts about YouTube? If you’re watching this video, there is a good chance that YouTube is part of your life. So why not learn about our favorite video outlet? These are 25 fascinating facts about YouTube you should know. It’s hard to find someone that is not familiar with YouTube. After all, YouTube videos are everywhere – on Facebook, websites, and even

25 STRANGEST Gifts Ever Given

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You will not believe some of the strangest gifts found on this list. We almost feel sorry for the people that received these gifts because some of these are downright traumatizing. These are the 25 strangest gifts ever given. Who doesn’t like gifts? Most people do. But I doubt the gifts found on today’s list are gifts anyone wants to receive. Take a look at the strangest gifts ever given (and

25 Most BIZARRE Dinosaurs Ever

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Would you like to see the most bizarre dinosaurs ever? Though you could say dinosaurs are already bizarre, the dinosaurs found on this list are over-the-top bizarre. These are 25 most bizarre dinosaurs ever. If you like dinosaurs, you MUST check out today’s list. We’re going to go over some of the craziest looking dinosaurs ever. Some of them might even be new to you. Check out these bizarre d

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