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Superhuman: Geniuses (Extraordinary People Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 121 Lúc : 10:00

Gripping documentary exploring the stories of five exceptionally talented people, investigating where their amazing skills came from and finding out if they and their families can ever have normal lives.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: us on Twitter for more - -

Storm Rider (Fire Fighting Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 108 Lúc : 10:00

Chris Terril joins a crew of inmate firefighters tackling the brutal forest fires of southern California.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: us on Twitter for more - - - @realstoriesdocs Click Xem Nhiều Video Hơn  

Real Crime: Almost Perfect Murder (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 169 Lúc : 09:59

A documentary which follows the life and deceptions of Albert Walker, an international fraudster who betrayed family and friends in Canada and embezzled at least $3 million.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: us on Twitter for more - - - @realstoriesdocsCo

Dangerous Love (Domestic Abuse Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 184 Lúc : 09:58

Danielle Lloyd embarks on a journey to understand the violent and controlling relationship she stayed in from the summer of 2004 until she won Miss GB in 2006.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: us on Twitter for more - - - @realstoriesdocs Click X

Teenage Japanese Killers (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 180 Lúc : 09:58

Cold blooded murder and violent crime are rapidly on the increase among the young people of Japan, in a country which once had one of the lowest crime rates in the world.High school bullies, bedroom-bound cyber geeks and a growing number of teenage gangs have produced a current wave of brutal, violent crime that is sweeping through communities across Japan.Teenage Japanese Killers seeks to underst

Having My Dead Husband’s Baby: Mandy’s Choice (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 281 Lúc : 09:58

A moving documentary following the consequences and challenges faced by a woman who chose to have her husband’s child two years after his death.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: us on Twitter for more - - - @realstoriesdocsContent licensed from ITV Glo

School Girl Killer (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 156 Lúc : 09:57

14-year-old Aberash was walking home from school when a group of horsemen thundered across the plain and kidnapped her. They beat her up, forced her over the back of a horse and took her to a hut where she was raped by a 28-year-old farmer. Only afterwards did she realise that the man who had taken her virginity by force now considered himself to be her husband.In Ethiopia’s Wild South, when a m

The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre (True Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 344 Lúc : 09:57

The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre investigates how a former mental patient with gun offences to his name could have become a pillar of British society and been allowed to hoard guns by the police, and discovers how a disabled pensioner helped to uncover his past. The film also looks at why US Authorities recently launched proceedings to extradite the original Texas Chainsaw killer to face new DNA e

The Transplant Trade (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 135 Lúc : 09:56

The concept of trading in human organs seems horrifying to many in the West, but for some of the poorest people in the developing world selling an organ for money can seem like the only chance to escape poverty. The Transplant Trade investigates both sides of the story to take a closer look at the trade in human body parts and explore the complex moral issues that surround it.Want to watch more fu

Inside The Mind Of Suicide Bombers (Full Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 138 Lúc : 09:23

In a series of unique, powerful and exceptional interviews from inside Israeli prisons, this film examines the minds of the Islamic Suicide Bombers. Three failed suicide bombers captured by Israeli security forces speak openly of their training, motivation, operational methodology and profound belief in the idea of entering paradise by becoming a Shahid – a martyr killed in the cause of Islam. T

Double Murder (Murder Investigation Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 160 Lúc : 09:23

On 1st June 2005, Police were called to a house in Luton. At a small rented house, they made the grim discovery of two Polish brothers who had been brutally murdered by extreme blunt force trauma to their heads and bodies.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: us on Twitter for more - - https://www.facebook.

Breaking The Silence (Mental Health Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 161 Lúc : 09:22

This documentary gets to the heart of suicide in Northern Ireland and examines the human debris of the family and friends left behind.Breaking The Silence is a sensitive and powerful portrait of the trauma faced by families in the aftermath of suicide, and the journey towards coming to terms with this deep, personal tragedy.Each story builds towards its awful yet inevitable conclusion and, by allo

Secret Intersex (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 262 Lúc : 09:22

Every year in the UK, 2,000 babies are born with ambiguous genitalia. Secret Intersex explores what it means to be born genderless by following a range of intersex cases: couples who have given birth to children with ambiguous genitalia and must decide, with a doctor’s help, on the gender of their child; a teenage girl who has lived with a penis structure for 15 years and is only now embarking o

Kids, Knives & Broken Lives (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 142 Lúc : 09:22

The press and TV news reports are full of politicians, youth workers, police and journalists pontificating about the epidemic of gun and knife crime on Britain’s streets, but where are the voices of the young people themselves?This film takes the audience onto the streets of London, Manchester and Bradford to find out what the young men who actually carry guns and knives really think.Why do so m

War Oratorio (War Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 102 Lúc : 09:21

A feature-length music film and artistic statement on the globalisation of warfare in the 21st century.Shot in Afghanistan, Kashmir and Uganda, it uses the powerful juxtaposition of documentary and music to explore warfare in the 21st century. A specially-commissioned classical oratorio performed in Europe forms the backbone of the film and is interwoven with the real stories of three remarkable i

Virgin Soldiers (Modern Military Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 265 Lúc : 09:21

Award-winning filmmaker Dodge Billingsley tells the story of India Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment - crack US frontline troops.With some as young as 19, the invasion was the first time any of them had actually been sent into combat. Having joined up with the regiment two months before they went into battle and watched them train and prepare, Dodge was able to experience first-hand the

Judah & Mohammad (Israel/Palestine Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 120 Lúc : 09:21

What is it like to grow up in the shadow of military conflict and occupation? Judah & Mohammad closely follow eighteen months in the lives of two fifteen old boys, one Israeli and one Palestinian. For the first time cameras have been allowed to film inside Israeli and Palestinian classrooms, providing an intimate and telling insight into teenage life and attitudes in the region and in particular h

Prime Suspect (True Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 227 Lúc : 09:20

An insight into the mind of Mitchell Quy, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in January 2001 for the murder of his wife, Lynsey, who had disappeared in December 1998. The prime suspect at the time, Mitchell Quy had always protested his innocence, claiming his wife had left him. Quy even made televised appeals for the return of his wife.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click

Violent Minds (Psychology Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 224 Lúc : 09:20

Could the most effective method of crime prevention be a brain scan? This suggestion, the result of recent ground-breaking research, is investigated in the two films that comprise A Mind To Crime.Violent Minds examines the brain abnormalities that affect different types of criminal, as well as investigating the links with drugs and the possibilities of brain damage inflicted before birth.Want to w

Divorce: Jewish Style (Marriage Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 256 Lúc : 09:20

In Jewish Law it is the husband who has the right to decide whether he will give his wife a divorce (the “Get”). If he refuses her, the wife may be sentenced to years of living in a dead marriage. She cannot remarry and any child she has from a new relationship is considered illegitimate.Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: us on Twitter for mor

Love And Sex In China (Chinese Marriage Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 579 Lúc : 09:19

With an estimated 180 million singletons in China and people traditionally marrying early, the race to find a soulmate before surpassing their sell by date is frantic. Singles fairs, where CVs are passed around, speed-dating and lessons in the art of seduction are all examples of a booming westernised market. But there is a massive imbalance in the sexes due to the penchant for male offspring sinc

Trapped By The Internet: The Elodie Morel Case (True Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 486 Lúc : 09:18

Police receive a strange call claiming that in a few hours, a woman will be kidnapped. The informer describes a couple, sitting at a café and claims the woman is in grave danger. Police rush to the café but find no one matching the couple’s description.Then, hours later, a young woman, Elodie Morel, is reported missing. She had responded to an internet advert for models and was supposed to be

Life's Too Short (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 153 Lúc : 07:50

Award winning documentary maker, David Peat, tackles the last taboo - dying.The Marie Curie Hospice in North Glasgow is pioneering care at home for the dying. 75% of us would like to die at home, very few of us do.David follows key staff who are working to make it possible for terminally ill people not just to die at home, but to live life to the full to the very end. They provide not just medical

Do You Believe In Magic? (Supernatural Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 164 Lúc : 07:50

Man’s search for an explanation for life - for a narrative to explain our existence - has been an eternal mission. Our need for control and for meaning is an essential part of being human. Some find their answers in science, but many still find it in magic. Despite the advances of rationalism, a belief in the supernatural has remained stubbornly resistant to it’s own extinction. Do You Believe

Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me (Drug Addiction Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 216 Lúc : 09:53

Dispatches: Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me, reveals the destruction and despair drugs wreak upon families and how it is the children and the grandparents who suffer the consequences.It is estimated that around 350,000 children in the UK have parents with a serious drug problem – with 10 babies being born to heroin-addicted mothers every day. Yet in contrast to the billions of pounds spent on helping th

Pet Poisoners (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Xem : 156 Lúc : 07:18

This documentary exposes the growing number of people who are poisoning people’s pets with the intention to kill – watch out.Your pets are at risk from a new and growing menace: the pet poisoner. In Britain alone pet poisonings have risen by sixty percent to nearly a thousand cases a year. The poisoners have an armoury of toxins at their fingertips. In Northern Ireland forty cats have been kil

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